Andreas Shoshilos

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Andreas Shoshilos
Andreas Shoshilos
Years of service Jan 2013 Present
Service type Board member
Member of Advisory Board for Act Beyond Borders
N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees
Previous Key Posts Planning Bureau
Airport Manager at Larnaka at Pafos
Mayor of Lefkara
Degree(s) M.B.A in Operations Research
Field(s) of Study Course in Budgeting in Public Sector (Harvard University)
University(ies) St. John’s University of New York
Specialization(s) Social and Structured Democratic Dialogue
Notable Achievements Founding member of Citizen’s Action Group in Cyprus ‘ Eleftheria’
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For a detailed curriculum vitae of Andreas Shoshilos click: Full CV.

Andreas Shoshilos, has joined as member of Future Worlds Center Board of Directors in the beginning of 2013. He is also the Executive Operations Director of N.E.T.S. Mediterranean Graduate School of Applied Social Cognition and Assistant to the CEO.

Andreas has however collaborated with the organisation and with Yiannis Laouris in particular in a number of other projects. For example, he has joined two Structured Democratic Dialogues in 2008 in Italy which focused on developing a vision and identifying the Obstacles towards creating an ideal society that is culturally diverse and inclusive in the context of the UCYVROK project. He has also served as a great supporter the Act Beyond Borders project. At the launch of the project, which started with the Vision Building and the Problématique SDDPs that took place in Larnaca in 2010, Antreas gave a speech to the participants about the role and the challenges of local authorities in promoting peace. In 2008, while he was major of Lefkara, he co-organized with Future Worlds Center the largest even Mass Citizens SDDP Lefkara 2009 with the participation of several hundred members of the community.

Pioneer work in social reforms

Andreas is founding member, elected member of the Board and Secretary of Ελευθερία – Πολίτες για Πρόοδο και Περηφάνια (EN: Freedom - Citizens for Progress and Pride).

Short Bio

Andreas Shoshilos has an M.B.A in Operations Research from St. John’s University of New York and an additional course in Budgeting in Public Sector from Harvard University. He has worked for ten years in the Planning Bureau preparing parts of the national development budget and afterwards he served as the airport manager of Larnaka (two years) and Pafos (three years) airports. He has been the Cyprus representative in the EU Aviation Security Committee from 2004 to the end of 2006.He has been the Mayor of Lefkara Cyprus from Jan 2007 to Dec 2011. He is now engaged in different tasks with the Future Worlds Center (NGO).

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