SDDP Act Beyond Borders Problematique in Larnaca in 2010

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Act Beyond Borders: Obstacles
Act Beyond Borders: Obstacles
Report Title SDDP Act Beyond Borders Problematique (Larnaka 2010)
Project Act Beyond Borders
Triggering Question What are obstacles to what “ought to be” to create an ideal, mutually beneficial model of coexistence of Israelis and Palestinians?
Dates 24th - 31th February 2010
Author(s) Anna-Maria Drousiotou
Editor(s) Yiannis Laouris, Larry Fergeson, Kerstin Wittig, Aleco Christakis
Total Duration 6 days
Statistics Participants=21
Number of obstacles=12
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SDD Co-Laboratory Overview

The workshop was facilitated by Dr.Yiannis Laouris (CNTI), Dr. Aleco Christakis , Dr. Antonis Loizou, Mrs. Maria Kyprianou.

This report was prepared in the context of the project “Human Rights and Reconciliation – Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders’.

The project brought together stakeholders from Israel and the Palestinian Territories with the view of facilitating the peaceful conciliation and management of group interests and promoting solutions on divisive matters or controversial areas.

During the obstacles co-laboratory (28 and 29 of July), the participants engaged in a structured dialogue to identify the obstacles preventing them from reaching the vision tree.

The Triggering Question (TQ) was:

“What are obstacles to what “ought to be” to create an ideal, mutually beneficial model of coexistence of Israelis and Palestinians?”

The obstacles voted structured the ‘Root Cause Map', shown below.

Root Cause Map

MAP for Root Cause Map.
Root Cause Map

In summary, almost all participants approved that the following factors are the most influential and agreed that further actions must address these root causes satisfactorily:

Obstacle #41 (3 votes): Religious fundamentalists

Obstacle #5 (6 votes): Lack of strong movement that educates

The results of the obstacle root cause map indicate that the major obstacles in achieving the vision are caused not only by Religious fundamentalists but also by a lack of strong movement to educate people, to change their attitude and their perceptions. Once again we see that the obstacles with the deepest drive are in a cycle. This means that these two ideas Obstacle #5: Lack of strong movement that educates and Obstacle #41: Religious fundamentalists are tied to each other and if addressed together they will have significant influence on the obstacles above them. Participants agreed that educating people about peace and getting to know one another’s culture and religion is crucial in moving towards a vision where Palestinians and Israelis may coexist. Along with the root obstacles, the following ones (positioned above the root obstacles) also indicate the need to be addressed: Obstacle #20: The end of occupation and settlements and Obstacle #15: The controversial issues: Jerusalem and the refugees. These are obstacles that cannot be transformed easily, however, peace-groups, politicians, and the international community could collaborate to tackle them and maybe then open up the possibilities for the tree of vision to become a reality.

In sum, progress is difficult but can be made on different levels and several factors can be addressed through educating people from both communities.


The participants of the SDD co-laboratory are:

Name Job title Country
Abeer George Youssef Awwad Student Palestinian
Aia Harel Student Israeli
Anat Romberg Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed -Youth organization Israeli
Dar Nadler Public administrator Israeli
David Swissa NGO/PR Israeli
Erez Naar Head of Scholarship and dormitories / Student Israeli
Hana Azmi Al-Atrash News Producer Palestinian
Husam Hussein m. almeghari President of PDC Palestinian
Itamar Tas Student Israeli
Iyad m. a. faqih Business man/merchant Palestinian
Jehonatan Golany Business man Israeli
Karin Reingewertz Director of NGO community work Israeli
Lior Reshef – Deri Chairman of a student union / Student Israeli
Majd Jammal Project coordinator Palestinian
Manal Isam Ali Ghaben Assistant home mother Palestinian
Qais Osama Abdel rahman Maghary Sales Section Manager Palestinian
Roi Shindler Lawyer Israeli
Shadi ahmad Abdullah alassi EST employee Palestinian
Simon Dabit Project manager Palestinian
Yasmin Celine Confino Administrative assistant to the CEO, advocate Israeli
Ziyad mohmd mohmd alaydi Business man Palestinian