Anna Lindh Foundation

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Anna Lindh Foundation
Purpose/focus Funding projects through competitive calls
Headquarters Alexandria
Location Egypt
Parent organization European Commission

The Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) is an inter-governmental institution bringing together civil society and citizens across the Mediterranean to build trust and improve mutual understanding. The Anna Lindh Foundation runs the largest Network of civil society organisations involved in the promotion of intercultural dialogue across Europe and the Mediterranean.

ALF in Cyprus

The Cyprus Network of the Anna Lundh Foundation was established in 2005, and has been active locally, regionally and internationally, since then.

The Cyprus Network of the ALF has been active in Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue through meetings, trainings, projects and events, which have taken place over the years in Cyprus and the region. The ALF provides logistical and operational support to the National Network in Cyprus through the Network Strategic Development Scheme (NSDS).

The Anna Lindh Foundation has funded a number of projects for Future Worlds Center:

It has also awarded Future Worlds Center an Anna Lindh Award.

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