Candidate SDD co-Facilitator

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The Candidate SDD co-Facilitator title is the entry level in the SDD Certification Scheme. To receive this title, an interested person must follow the Procedure to certify as Candidate SDD co-Facilitator.

Rights and Responsibilities of a Candidate SDD co-Facilitator

A Candidate SDD co-Facilitator may:

  • Work together with any Certified SDD Facilitator in the implementation of a Structured Democratic Dialogue. The Candidate may participate (and it is strongly encouraged) in all phases of the process from the formation of the Knowledge Management Team to the preparation of the final report and possibly follow-up analysis and publication of results.
  • Substitute for short periods of time but not replace the Certified SDD co-Facilitator during a Co-Laboratory. This should always take place in the presence and under the supervision of a Certified SDD Facilitator.
  • Work together with Certified SDD Trainer of Facilitators in the preparation and delivery of classes both virtual and real.
  • Be in charge for the preparation of the final report and his/her name can included as co-author (provided the work done justifies this).

Credits can be earned in accordance with the SDD Credit Point System.