Computers and Dyslexia 1995 Seminar

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Computers and Dyslexia 95
Computers and Dyslexia 95
Project MAPS
Place Nicosia
Date(s) 1995
Type of participants Psychologists, Special Educators, Speech Therapists, Scientists, Educators, Parents, Students
Number of participants 90
Total Duration 1 day
Link(s) Link(s) to press release(s)

The 1995 Conference on Computers and Dyslexia was organized by the Dyslexia Group of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute with co-organizers the Cyprus Dyslexia Association and CYBER KIDS. The Coordinator for the organization was Pantelis Makris, who together with Yiannis Laouris are in charge for the development of MAPS.