Constanze Schmidt

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Constanze Schmidt
Constanze Schmidt
Period at FWC February-August 2011
Field of Study Media and Communications
Sending University Martin-Luther University in Halle/Germany
Sending Professor to be..
Local Mentor Kerstin Wittig
Yiannis Laouris
Involvement at FWC 3rd International SDDP Facilitators Training School
MDGs- Media for Development Goals
Achievements Filming the 3rd SDD Facilitator's School
Producer of FWC's video clip

Constanze Schmidt has been with Future Worlds Center between February and August 2011. She was working as an Intern for the Global Education Unit and the New Media Lab as well, with a scholarship from the Leonardo Program.

Short Bio

Constanze is a holder of a Magister Artium of Media and Communications Science and Intercultural Communications from the Martin-Luther University in Halle/Germany. She worked as an intern in different fields of media and supported companies on varying social media campaigns. She is interested in culture and politics ,but also in encouring youth and environmental protection. She has spezial software skills in Photoshop and Final Cut Pro as well. She has also experience in camera work, creating storyboards and editing.


During her Future Worlds Center internship, Constanze has been actively involved in a number of projects, especially the MDGs- Media for Development Goals and the TeachMDGs.

Furthermore, Constanze developed the script for the Cyberethics Best Practice Video Clip, served as Producer for the Future Worlds Center Promotional Clip by CCMC, and she planned and implemented together with Aleksandr Ljubojebic (Sasha) the filming the 3rd International SDDP Facilitators Training School.