3rd International SDDP Facilitators Training School

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3rd International SDDP
Facilitators Training School
3rd International SDDP Facilitators Training School
Project SDDP Facilitators Training School
Place Cyprus Community Media Centre
Nicosia, Cyprus
Date(s) 25 - 27 July 2011
Type of participants Candidate SDDP Facilitators


Number of participants 29
Total Duration 3 Days
Link(s) Link(s) to press release(s)

The 3rd International Facilitators Training School for the Structured Dialogic Design (SDD) Process took place in Nicosia, Cyprus between the 25th and 27th of July 2011. It was organized by Future Worlds Center in collaboration with the Institute for 21st Century Agoras.

Focus of the school

The training included for the first time two webinars organized virtually by Prof. Tom Flanagan, President, and Prof. Ken Bausch, CEO of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras. It also focused on the theoretical foundations of the science and included the Game, which enabled participants to re- discover the science. The applied sessions included role playing, which gave participants the opportunity to practice as well as to see others performing the various roles.


The following experts were engaged in the

3rdSDDP SummerSchool All.jpg


The 3rd International Facilitators Training School was organized by two interns: Elicia Reed and Marie-Nicol Arbelias, under the guidance of Aleco Christakis. The School took place at the premises of the Cyprus Community Media Centre, which is in the Buffer Zone. This enabled interested participants to visit also the northern part of the island. The Participation Fee was set to €350.00. Associates and CSAP students and graduates enjoyed a special discount. The fee included:

  • Registration fees and certificate
  • All coffee and snacks (lunches and/or dinners not included)
  • All reading materials on CD
  • Two books
  1. Christakis, A.N. and Bausch, K. (2006). How People Harness Their Collective Wisdom and Power to Construct the Future in Co-Laboratories of Democracy. Information Age Publishing, Inc.
  2. Flanagan, T. R,, and Christakis, A. N., (2009). The Talking Point: Creating an Environment for Exploring Complex Meaning. Information Age Publishing Inc.
  • Access to the Members’ pages of the SDD International School Website (for full access to all materials)
  • Limited version of Cogniscope software
  • Gala Dinner

Participant Commentary

SPECIAL CONTRIBUTING COMMENTARY: Dialogues beyond Aphrodite and Ares, Venus and Mars (Farah Lenser and Heiner Benking) http://www.futureworlds.eu/wiki/Commentary_about_the_3rd_International_Training_School_for_SDD


The 3rd school addressed also the needs of persons interested in the professional certification scheme, in addition to those who wish to become active SDD Facilitators and Mediators as well as individuals who wanted to learn more about the science of structured dialogic design and eventually become certified SDD facilitators. The 3rd International Facilitators Training School commit to offer backdated (whenever th Scheme is completed) 3 credits towards the professional SDD Certification Scheme. The following individuals participated:

Name Affiliation Expertise Country
Aleco Christakis Institute for 21st Century Agoras Future Worlds Center Senior SDD Expert USA
Nikitas Assimakopoulos University of Pireaus Academician, Director of CSAP, President of HSSS, Greece
Theofanis Giotis CSAP Consultant, PhD Candidate Greece
Kate Cherrington Advancement of Maori Opportunity Indigenous People Expert New Zealand
Laura Haris Americans for Indian Opportunity Indigenous People Expert USA
Paul Hays University in Japan SDD International Expert Japan
Susan Hays San Fransisco Expert USA
Farah Lenser Open Forum de Positive Nett-Works e.V. Journalist Germany
Heiner Benking Open Forum de Positive Nett-Works e.V. Journalist / Facilitator Germany
Eleni Souliotis CSAP Student Greece
Melis Eroglu Future Worlds Center Future Worlds Center Researcher Cyprus
Constanze Schmidt Future Worlds Center Future Worlds Center Intern Germany & Cyprus
Tatjana Taraszow Future Worlds Center Research Associate Germany & Cyprus
Kerstin Wittig Future Worlds Center Head of the Global Education Unit Germany & Cyprus
Cinzia Bernardinello Future Worlds Center Future Worlds Center Project Coordinator Italy & Cyprus
Charalambos Solonos Future Worlds Center Future Worlds Center Intern Cyprus
Anna-Maria Drousiotou Future Worlds Center Media Expert Cyprus
Melina Karaolia Eliades and Partners Auttorney Cyprus
Leonidas Christofides University Student Cyprus
Stelios Christofides Consultant Cyprus
Eleni Michail Ministry of Education Educator Cyprus
Rallis Antoniadis CSAP Greece
Jacob Ketuma Kongo
Idil Seytanoglu Civil Society Expert Cyprus
Christalla Tsoutsouki CAPA SDDP Facilitator Cyprus
Philippos Philippou CAPA SDDP Facilitator Cyprus
Tonia Loizidou SDDP Facilitator Psychologist/Facilitator Cyprus
Soteris Demetriou Future Worlds Center Programmer/Analyst Cyprus
Elia Petridou Future Worlds Center Civil Society Expert Cyprus
Marios Constantinou CAPA SDDP Facilitator Cyprus
Nicolina Markidou Future Worlds Center Project Coordinator Cyprus