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The title Director of Public Policy & Communications is reserved for the person in charge of promoting the totality of our organizational network's projects and interests, i.e. the Future Worlds Center, the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute, the N.E.T.S. Mediterranean Graduate School of Applied Social Cognition and the Ekkotek High-tech business incubator.

The Director of Public Policy and Communications plays a leadership role in advancing policy change through the local society of Cyprus’s advocacy program that seeks to promote the vision and strategic objectives of the organization.

People with this title

Key responsibilities

  1. Facilitate the continuous strengthening of a common identity and shared purpose within the organization.
  2. Supervise compliance of projects and people to the vision, constitutional values and communication strategy of the organization.
  3. Supervise a team of individuals from across the organization to serve as a core group promoting the interests of the organization as a whole.
  4. Work with liaisons from each other unit to ensure that each Unit and each project is publicized and promoted adequately using every opportunity and every success of project activities and/or deliverables to do so.
  5. Support all people and all projects in maintaining strong communication policies and actions.

Assists the Chair of the Board of FWC

  • Identify policy change opportunities, participate in researching and writing about policy issues, develops issue campaigns, and helps identify and mobilize coalition partners – public, nonprofit, business players.
  • Develop and execute a communications and media relations strategy that utilizes both traditional and new media.
  • Represent the FWC in meetings with politicians and policy makers at the local and international level and handle press and other media inquiries as appropriate.
  • The Director of Public Policy and Communications is a key member of the management team who participates fully in establishing and accomplishing program priorities, developing and managing the budget for the policy and communications programs, and assisting in raising funds to carry out the programs.
  • The Director of Public Policy and Communications serves as an advisor to the FWC’s Chair of the Board and management, in matters relating to broad strategic management and communications methods, special projects, programs, activities, crises, risks, threats and opportunities. Develop strategic partnerships and branding opportunities to increase the visibility of FWC and to achieve FWC’s mission.
  • He also serves as strategic advisor to FWC’s primary spokesperson and other sectorial spokepersons, in all matters pertaining to the media, including media training, interview preparation, and positioning for press conferences, speaking engagements, and other events and venues where media are in attendance.

Responsibilities related Public Policy

  • Monitor the political environment for policy issues that interest the organization
  • Monitor public policy trends proactively
  • Work with Governments, politicians, non-governmental organizations and business players on issues relevant to the FWC objectives e.g. technology-relevant public policy concerns
  • Actively promote the work of FWC with policymakers and influencers
  • Build coalitions to help advance and support FWC policy agenda
  • Develop a “Corporate Social Responsibility program” argumentation for potential corporate partners. Develop specific projects that align to corporate objectives. Build and nurture effective multi-organizational synergies, coalitions and alliances.
  • Advise FWC teams on public policy matters emerging in Cyprus and EU.
  • Develop and implement a strategic policy agenda for each established issue priority including achievable goals and performance measures
  • Build and direct strong, well-designed, well-defined programs to promote FWC agenda across the country and beyond, integrating legal, legislative, public education, communications and organizing strategies
  • Work with management team to analyze public policy implications and synergies relevant to the FWC agenda
  • Coordinate with the Chair of the Board on policy advocacy communications including email alerts and press releases
  • Conduct and oversee policy research and drafting, working closely with the Legal Department as appropriate
  • Lead the development and management of effective working relationships with key public officials at local, European and International level.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with policy advocacy and communications key persons of relevant stakeholders, organizations (public, nonprofit, business) and projects, other affiliates and participate in conferences relevant to the agenda of FWC.


  • Develop and implement innovative and creative communicating methods and messaging tools; Develop messages and identify means
  • Partner with management team members to help develop and guide strategic direction, develop operational plans, and manage the overall communications plan.
  • Build a premier communications team that will serve as a results-driven and goal-oriented component of the organization
  • Provide leadership in the strategic development and implementation of an integrated communications and brand strategy in an effort to increase.
  • FWCs brand awareness and deepen relationships with society and stakeholders
  • Develop and oversee the communications team to create and communicate a relevant and consistent organizational identity