Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe

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Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe (Elīza Danenfelde-Ķirpe)
Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe (Elīza Danenfelde-Ķirpe)
Period at FWC April 2018 - Feb 2020
Field of Study Culture Management
Sending University University College of Economics and Culture (Ekonomikas un kultūras augstskola)/ Riga, Latvia
Local Mentor Helene josephides
Involvement at FWC Global Education Unit

Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe is current intern at Future Worlds Center Global Education Unit.

Role in FWC

Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe started as intern at Future Worlds Center in April, 2018. She joined the Global Education Unit working on projects Global Education Goes Local (GEGL) , MigratED , Youth of the World.

Together with Global Education Unit team she planned the neighbourhood celebration Why Plastic if Green is Fantastic? in Agios Dometios to raise awareness about important topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals, and in order to make steps to improve the environment around us, starting from our own neighbourhood and in this way to get the community of Agios Dometios connected in a fun and interactive way.

Eliza has also joined the Cyber Tours initiative and together with Yiannis Laouris and Irena Kyprianidou she develops Modules related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The newest Elizas' project is Silent Sound Communities that started as idea about concert for deaf people, people with hearing difficulties together with people with good hearing by using technological options that provides possibilities to feel the music using other sensesm using all our bodies. Now this project is becoming a startup that needs support.

Her Mentor is Helene josephides.


She has been studying Culture management in Latvia and has degree in Cultural management and entrepreneurship. She is interested in social issues, like equal rights for people with different abilities and societies awareness of those abilites. Thats why the topic of her final thesis was Cultural Events as a Tool for Social Inclusion- to find ways how cultural events (and not only) could become available for everyone not as something special, but as normal daily life ingredient.

Eliza is idea author and manager of the project/ social initiative ART.makes.SENSE. (AmS) in 2014. AmS was workshop series for visually handicaped and blind children in Latvia. Now AmS functions as a social informative platform in facebook.com, but the main idea is to continue to promote ART.makes.SENSE and create new workshops and events for everyone. She can communicate fluently Latvian (native), English and Spanish, as well a bit in Russian and Galician languages.

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