Ilke Dagli

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Ilke Dagli
Ilke Dagli
With FWC March 2007 - Today
Key Project(s) Civil Society Dialogue
Degree(s) Political Science
Filed(s) of study Structured Dialogue
Specialization(s) SDDP Facilitator
Notable Achievements to be..

Ms. Ilke Dagli was the North Coordinator for the UNDP funded project Civil Society Dialogue, in which she collaborates with Tatjana Taraszow (in charge for the South). Ms. Dagli has a Bachelor in Political Science. She is a trained SDDP facilitator with extensive experience in co-laboratories involving politicians, economists and media people. She works closely with Aleco Christakis, President of the 21st Century Agoras in furthering the applicability of structured dialogue.

Short Bio

İlke Dağlı has a degree in European and International Politics and completed her MSC in Bristol on Security and Development. Since 2006 she has been working closely with CSOs and SMEs in Cyprus as a project coordinator, project developer, consultant and facilitator. She co-authored and coordinated many local projects such as The Civil Society Dialogue Project, Cyprus Community Media Centre initiative, Access Info Cyprus Project and Play for Peace Project and is closely involved with the ENGAGE Do Your Part for Peace project. Currently she is working as a freelance consultant and facilitator for CSOs, SMEs and the ENGAGE project as well as acting as the founding member of Centre for Migration Identity and Rights Studies, founding member and the governing board member of Cyprus Community Media Centre, the Vice President of Cyprus EU Association and a member of Cypriots’ Voice. Ilke started her PhD on Securitization of ethnic communities in conflict environments and its implications on reconciliation efforts in Warwick University in October 2012.


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