Joulietta Kalli-Laouri

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Joulietta Kalli-Laouri
Joulietta Kalli-Laouri
Years of service 2001 - 2006
Service type Board Member
Research Advisor
Current Post Head of Joulietta Kalli-Laouri
Member of GNOUS Team
Degree(s) MD, PhD
Field(s) of Study Medicine
University(ies) University of Göttingen
Specialization(s) Child- and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist
Notable Achievements PhD awarded with summa cum laude
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Dr. Joulietta Kalli-Laouri served as Member of the Board between 2001 and 2006. She is a specialist child-psychiatrist trained in Goettingen, Germany with a PhD in Neurophysiology. She is based in Nicosia and leads a team of about 6 experts (clinical psychologists, development psychologists, counsellors, special educators, etc.). She collaborates with the Special Education Unit on research projects that involve children with attention deficit, dyslexia and emotional disturbances. She is member of the GNOUS Labs Ltd. team.

Role in the CYBER KIDS Project

Joulietta was a key investor of CYBER KIDS and had an active role in the adaptation of the curriculum for children with special needs. She also supervised the introduction of IT skills for children with autistic spectrum.

Role in MAPS project

Joulietta was member of the Dyslexia Group, and later Mental Attributes Profiling SystemDevelopment Team, the research teams that have developed MAPS. She is now Clinical Advisor for GNOUS Labs Ltd..