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Formation 1977
Type Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)
Location Athens, Greece

Founded in 1977, KMOP is an Athens-based NGO that focuses on issues pertaining to social welfare and health, employability and employment generation, scientific research and the development of know-how in social policy issues. Since its establishment, KMOP has undertaken numerous projects, many in collaboration with large well-established organizations, both in Greece and internationally, targeting a wide variety of societal groups, such as elderly, mentally ill, unemployed, migrants, refugees, etc. KMOP promotes the development of civil society by supporting initiatives for the protection of the individual, political, social and human rights and implementing European projects for the enhancement of the citizens’ active participation and the empowerment of social dialogue. KMOP provides comprehensive support to immigrants, long-term unemployment and those with low professional qualifications, people with disabilities, women in difficult situations and youngsters at risk of dropping out of school. KMOP has also conducted research in the area of migration and examined how it is related to the issue of the needs for carers for the elderly in Greek society. One of KMOP’s areas of special expertise concern vocational and educational training as well as mental health.

MINGLE Partner

KMOP will be involved in most phases of the project, including the identification of the educational needs of migrants, the development of learning methodology and the formative tool, the pilots phases as well as disseminations activities. The Greek pilot learning centre will be set-up by KMOP.

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