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EXODUS S.A is the coordinating partner. Having experience in project coordination and high expertise regarding distance and mobile learning applications and (multimedia) educational content development, EXODUS will carry out the technical design and develop the distance learning application, its tools, and the respective content, based on the storyboards designed by the consortium. Within the project EXODUS will also be the administrative and technical coordinator and quality manager.

KMOP will be involved in most phases of the project, including the identification of the educational needs of migrants, the development of learning methodology and the formative tool, the pilots phases as well as disseminations activities. The Greek pilot learning centre will be set-up by KMOP.

University of Peloponnese (UoP)'s, Greece research team will be responsible for the content and the educational approach, and methodology of the learning application; the latter will address computer and language learning, as well as civic/legislation information for guidance of new comers in the host countries - the receiving labour markets and societies. Moreover, they will develop the methodology for evaluating the system during the pilot use phase.

Anziani e non solo soc. Coop. (ANS) will be identifying a user group of 30 migrant workers from Romania in Italy; setting-up the information and language learning centre in Italy so that the users can have access to the DLA and all other courseware; providing input, and advice concerning the use and content of the learning material; disseminating the DLA and its accompanying material to other related migrant groups.

Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI) will be responsible for identifying 30 migrant workers in Cyprus from Bulgaria; setting-up information and language learning centre in Cyprus where migrants will be able to access the DLA, all available courseware and other content; involving end users, i.e. migrants, in the project from its beginning; providing input and advice for the approach and content regarding the learning process; promoting the DLA and its accompanying material to target groups, i.e. migrants from Bulgaria and disseminating the DLA and all other informative material.

Formal Project Description
Contract Title MIgrant Language and SociaL Integration
Project Acronym MINGLE
Lead Partner EXODUS SA.
Agreement n° 527834-llp-1-2012-1-GR-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
Partners The Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute(CNTI),

KMOP, University of Peloponnese (UoP), Anziani e non solo soc. Coop. (ANS)

Countries of the action Greece, Cyprus, Italy
Cost of Action €399.851,00
Grant €299.888,00
Dates 01/11/2012 - 31/10/2014

Website under construction
Overall objective(s)
MINGLE (MIgrant Language and SociaL Integration) is a project co-funded by the LifeLong Learning Programme of the European Union, and is conceived as a way of integrating migrants into society and particularly the workforce of the receiving country. The target groups are migrants from Romania and Bulgaria to Italy, Greece and Cyprus, respectively. Learning the language of the host country will help the target groups to secure a relevant job and very importantly facilitate their integration into the new country of residence and workplace.
Specific objective(s)
The project’s main goal is to enhance migrants’ quality of life and facilitate their integration to local society by improving their access to language training courses and other guidance and counselling material. Such marginalised social groups will be therefore assisted to become active members of the receiving society