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Contract Title MIgrant Language and SociaL Integration (contract)
Contract Number 527834-LLP-1-2012-GR-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
Funding Period November 2012 - October 2014 (24 mo)
Funding Agency LifeLong Learning Programme of the European Union
Total Cost €399.851,00
Website http://mingle.exus.co.uk/

MINGLE (MIgrant Language and SociaL Integration)is a project co-funded by the LifeLong Learning Programme of the European Union. The project is a collaboration between Greece, Cyprus and Italy. It is coordinated by EXODUS SA., Greece with partners the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI),KMOP (Greece), the University of Peloponnese (UoP), Greece and Anziani e non solo soc. Coop. (ANS).


MINGLE is conceived as a way of integrating migrants into society and particularly the workforce of the receiving country. The target groups are migrants from Romania and Bulgaria to Italy, Greece and Cyprus, respectively. Learning the language of the host country will help the target groups to secure a relevant job and very importantly facilitate their integration into the new country of residence and workplace.

The project’s main goal is to enhance migrants’ quality of life and facilitate their integration to local society by improving their access to language training courses and other guidance and counselling material. Such marginalised social groups will be therefore assisted to become active members of the receiving society.

Integration will be achieved by developing a web-based, easy-to-access, easy-to-use Distance Learning Application (DLA), and the respective educational content, for teaching the language of the receiving country to the migrants. The organisations of the project will set-up information and language learning centres, i.e. small labs with PCs, printers and other equipment, where migrants will be able to access the DLA and all other available content, print useful material, get support, etc. Access to the application and the content will be provided to migrant workers free of charge by organisations which will act as migrant “welcomers”.

The main target group within the frames of the project is migrants, coming specifically from Romania and Bulgaria to Italy, Greece and Cyprus respectively. During the project 30 migrants in each hosting country will be involved, leading to a total of 90 users.

End-users will be identified with the help of the project’s Associate Partners, and may be people who have just arrived or are already living in the hosting counties, looking for work in agriculture, tourism or care.

These groups will also use and evaluate the pilot system for a period of at least 4 months, providing the consortium with feedback on the efficacy and effectiveness of the overall educational system, content and application


  • Media (TV, Radio, Popular Magazines).
  • Brochure; created early on in the project to summarize its aims and objectives and will be distributed to relevant target groups throughout the project
  • Poster; created during the second year of the project, containing screenshots and other information related to the project’s products.
  • MINGLE website; electronic newsletters will be created at key points in the project’s lifetime to inform the public about its progress and other interesting information that may be available at the time. The newsletters will also be available online at the project’s website.
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube connections