Mira Ioannou

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Mira Ioannou
Mira Ioannou
With FWC 1994-2002
Title Member of The Dyslexia Group
Key Project(s) DYSLEXIA
Mental Attributes Profiling System
Degree(s) BSc, MSc
Filed(s) of study Education

Mira Ioannou was one of the very first volunteer associates of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute and member of what was known as The Dyslexia Group. She joined the team between-1994-2002. She was the chair of the Computers and Dyslexia 1999 Conference and the Computers and Dyslexia 2001 Conference and also as member of the organising committee of the 3rd International Multilingualism and Dyslexia Conference.

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