Multicultural Cyprus: Panel Discussion in Paphos: 26 September, 2007

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Multicultural Cyprus
Multicultural Cyprus
Contract Title Building a Multi-Ethnic and Multi-National Cyprus to promote European Values and Regional and International Peace
Contract Number 47351_07_006
Funding Period 01/06/2007 to 30/06/2008
Funding Agency UNDP/UNOPS
Total Cost €84,000.66
Partners Human Rights and Education Network
Cyprus Adult Education Association
University of Cyprus – Department of Political Science
Young Cypriot Scientists Network

Panel Discussion in Paphos: 26 September, 2007

Panelists: Klitos Symeonides, visitors from Wisconsin/ USA

The Panel Discussion was organized by the Cyprus Adult Education Association at the ‘Axiothea’ Hotel in Paphos on Wednesday, 26 September at 6.30 pm. Topic of the Discussion was ‘Multiculturalism in the U.S. and in Cyprus.

The Panel Discussion was attended by the 20 visitors from USA and by 14 Cypriots from Paphos. The discussion was very active and rich, the participants from Wisconsin gave many examples of how integration of migrants is functioning in the USA. It was mentioned that the U.S. government, local authorities, and organizations care a lot about migrants and support a large variety of initiatives and projects, aimed at the integration of immigrants in local communities. Another focus was the educational system, which in the U.S. takes many different measures to promote integration and multiculturalism. These measures are still absent in Cyprus. However, it was discussed that Cypriots in general are tolerant towards a multicultural surrounding.

Of course the U.S. has many years of experience in the matter of integration. There are many initiatives that can be interesting for Cyprus as well, and that could help overcome the racism that is still very present among the Cypriot society.

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