Multicultural Cyprus: Panel Discussion in Parekklisia: 27 February, 2008

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Multicultural Cyprus
Multicultural Cyprus
Contract Title Building a Multi-Ethnic and Multi-National Cyprus to promote European Values and Regional and International Peace
Contract Number 47351_07_006
Funding Period 01/06/2007 to 30/06/2008
Funding Agency UNDP/UNOPS
Total Cost €84,000.66
Partners Human Rights and Education Network
Cyprus Adult Education Association
University of Cyprus – Department of Political Science
Young Cypriot Scientists Network

Panel Discussion in Parekklisia: 27 February, 2008

Panelists: George Zikas (Human Rights and Education Network), Michalis Kefalonitis

The Panel Discussion was organized by the Cyprus Adult Education Association at the Communal Council in Parekklisia on 27 February at 6.30 pm. Topic of the Discussion was ‘Human Rights and Co-operation’.

The Panel Discussion was mainly led by Mr. George Zikas, and was conducted in an interactive manner, so as to actively engage all 22 participants. The discussion focused on the issue of Human Rights and included questions about the civic participation of citizens, the cooperation of citizens and authorities, issues concerning migrants and asylum seekers and the role that civil society plays in dealing with the societal challenges in Cyprus.

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