Procedure to certify as SDD co-Facilitator

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A Candidate SDD co-Facilitator may apply to become Certified SDD co-Facilitator when the following conditions are met:

  1. Is registered as Candidate SDD co-Facilitator at the time of the application.
  2. Has been Candidate SDD co-Facilitator for at least 1 year.
  3. Has accumulated 10 credits after having being given the status of the Candidate SDD co-Facilitator.
  4. Has organized and co-facilitated at least 2 SDDPs as Candidate SDD co-Facilitator after having being registered as Candidate SDD co-Facilitator.
  5. Has acted as Broker for at least one SDDPs.
  6. Has served as member of a Knowledge Management Team for at least one SDDPs.
  7. Has received training to use the Cogniscope Software from CWA Ltd. or an SDD Facilitators Training School.
  8. Has obtained a license to use at least one Cogniscope Software.
  9. Has completed the advanced theoretical background.
  10. Prepared 2 SDDP reports which have been submitted to the SDD Certification Body for comments and approval.
  11. Has paid the Application Fee of € 75 (not refundable in case application is not approved by the Committee).
  12. Has paid the Membership Fee of € 100 (yearly).

Credits can be earned in accordance with the SDD Credit Point System.