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Contract Title Biblio.For.Meda - Identification of a training and organisational model aimed at supporting the valorisation of librarians as facilitators for lifelong learning
Contract Number 2003 -I/03/B/PP-154193
Funding Period 01/10/2003 - 30/09/2005 (24 mo)
Funding Agency European Union (Leonardo da Vinci Programme)
Total Cost €264,503.00
Partners IAL Nazionale, Italy (contractor)

Department of Information Science, UK
Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute, Cyprus
Oktfordvil, Hungary
Edaforum, Italy
Riga Technical University, Latvia
Foundatia Marco Polo, Romania


The Biblio.for.mEDA Project was funded under the European Commission’s Leonardo da Vinci programme. The project was coordinated by IAL Nazionale, Italy and was carried out in collaboration with partners from Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Latvia.


European Union strategies have highlighted the need for education and training activities to promote improvement in the knowledge, qualifications and skills necessary for the building of the knowledge society. Public libraries, as important community focal points, are increasingly recognised as key agents in the lifelong learning agenda. This project compared and analysed best practices in the library systems of the participating countries to develop an organisational and training model with the aim of promoting the librarian’s role in the facilitation of lifelong learning.

Products of the Biblio.For.Meda project

The project partners:

  • Gathered documentary evidence of the role of public libraries in lifelong learning;
  • Undertook a survey of libraries showing best practices in the development of lifelong learning services;
  • Identified different organisational approaches, training methods, strategies and practices in the participating countries;
  • Analysed the organisational and training needs that need to be addressed if libraries are to play a key role in lifelong learning;
  • Developed training and organizational models, which could transform public libraries into key agents of the lifelong learning agenda.

Research in Cyprus

In the context of the Biblio.ForMeda project a Questionnaire has been developed to assess the level to which (a) Libraries in Cyprus are aware and apply life long learning concepts and (b) capitalize on modern IT in their daily operations. The following libraries have responded to the assessment:

  • Library of the University of Cyprus
    Kallipoleos 75
    Aglantzia, Lefkosia
  • Severeios Library
    Archbiship Kyprianou Square
  • Public Library of Limassol
  • Public Library of Larnaca
    Leoforos Grigori Afxentiou
  • Public Library of Pafos
    28th Octber Square

Dissemination seminar

The Dissemination seminar took place at the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute premises on Nov. 24, 2005. The invitation was send to more than 40 NGOs, 200 active individuals through mailing lists, four Colleges/Universities, several Governmental Organizations and posted on line at Participants included representatives from five NGOs, five Colleges/Universities, three people of the media, one Government representative and one member of the parliament.

Organization Type Representative Role
Peace Centre Cyprus NGO Dr. Maria Hadjipavlou President
CITI: Cyprus Intercultural Training Initiative NGO Elia Petridou CITI Coordinator
The Management Centre NGO Selen Mesutoglu Project Manager
Youth Center NGO Xenia Constantinou Vice President
CARDET NGO Charalambos Vrasidas President
SIT Cyprus: The Accredited Institution of Higher
Education World Learning
University Selhan Zeki Academic co-director for Cyprus
Intercollege University Pambos Vrasidas Vice-Head of Education
P.A. College University Nikleia Eteokleous Assistant Professor
University of Cyprus - Language Centre University Yiola Papadopoullou Lecturer
University of Cyprus – Department of Political Science University Joseph Joseph Head of Depertment
Radio Epistrofi Radio Kyriakos Pierides Journalist
Radio Mayis Radio Hasan Kahvecioğlu Journalist
Media Industry Media Panikos Michael CEO
Cyprus Parliament Parliament Takis Hadjigeorgiou Committee for Education
Cyprus Academy for Public Administration Government Marios Michaelides Officer

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