Everybody’s Song – Music as a tool to promote Diversity and Intercultural Understanding

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Everybody’s Song is an international youth project in Bulgaria, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Greece and Serbia which lasted from December 2006 until August 2008. The project was conceived under the idea that music can be a powerful tool for intercultural understanding and peace. It was initiated, developed and coordinated by Future Worlds Center (CNTI).

Formal Project Description
Contract Title Everybody’s Song – Music as a tool to promote diversity and intercultural understanding
Project Acronym Everybody’s Song
Lead Partner Future Worlds Center (CNTI)
Agreement n° 130709-5.1.XL-CY-2006-R1
Partners WCIF
Countries of the action Bulgaria, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Greece and Serbia
Cost of Action €200.670,45
Grant €124,676.72
Dates 01/12/2006 - 31/05/2008

Website www.everybodys-song.net
About Project Everybody’s Song
Overall objective(s)
The general aim of the project is to reflect on the role of music in intercultural understanding and to identify ways on how to utilise it in youth work.
Specific objective(s)
  • to raise awareness about cultural diversity
  • to train youth organisations and musicians in cultural diversity and project development
  • to establish partnerships between youth NGOs and musicians
  • to attract new target groups to youth work and the arts
  • to facilitate cross border cooperation between five different countries
  • to promote and increase the visibility of the Youth in Action programme in South East Europe
Expected Results
  1. Raise awareness about shared cultural heritage in South East Europe
  2. Improve cooperation between youth organisations and artists (musicians)
  3. Increase visibility of the participating youth organisations and the Youth in Action Programme
  4. A set of elaborated tools and well documented good practice examples using music as a tool in intercultural understanding and youth work for the promotion of diversity, tolerance and non-violent conflict transformation; this set is mainly aimed at youth workers, NGOs, music and arts teachers and musicians working with young people. It will be accessible in 3 ways:
  • on an interactive website (partly available in seven different languages) including a download section
  • on a Multimedia DVD including audio- and video-files
  • in a booklet summarising the project results