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Full-time staff


Dr. Yiannis Laouris President Elena Aristodemou coordinating scientific projects of the New Media Lab Aysu Arsoymember of the New Media Lab research team. Paul Drousiotis Administrator of URVT project. Anna-Maria Drousiotou Project coordinator for CyberEthics, the Cyprus Safer Internet Awareness Node. Corina Drousiotou Legal Advisor Olivia Marangou Legal Advisor Larry Fergeson coordinating the projects : Uniting for Citizenship and participation: Youth promoting Vulnerable groups Rights, Opportunities and Knowledge (UCYVROK), New Media Landscape Now!, Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals. Isabelle Ioannides Head of the Unit Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture Nikolas Kasparis Technical Director and Hotline Coordinator. Marcos Markides Unit for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture project, Manos Mathioudakis social advisor for the project “Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus”. Andria Neocleous social advisor: Unit for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture Georgina Siitta Achilleos Assistant Coordinator: Safer Internet Awareness Node Kerstin Wittig Assistant Coordinator: Media Project. Tatjana Taraszow coordinator of the Civil Society Dialogue Project and a research team member of the Cypriot Safer Internet awareness node CyberEthics, the “EU Kids Online Project” “Hibernation” and “MAPS” Maria Avraamidou Legal Advisor Reinhard Eckert Project Coordinator Tonia Loizidou Administrator Elia Petridou Project Coordinator: HasNa Project Mary Ioannoupart of the SDDP facilitation team and Assistant: Youth Ambassadors for the Millennium Development Goals and New Media Lab work. Yiola Papadopoulou Research Assistant. Elias Papadopoulos Medical Director of Unit for the Rehabilitation forVictims of Torture

Part-time staff and external associates


Serge Gwabene Buhendwa volunteer Lucia Fetzer volunteer Brooke Galloway volunteer Christina Montaniosvolunteer Prof. Gary Gumpert Visiting Professor of Communications Prof. Peter Gerjets Visiting Research Professor Prof Douglas Stuart Prof Uwe Windhorst