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Full-time staff

Name Position
Yiannis Laouris Heads the “New Media Lab” and the Executive Director for the Safer Internet Awareness and Hotline “CyberEthics”
Lawrence Kalogreades
Elena Aristodemou Coordinating scientific projects of the New Media Lab
Constantina Christou Integrative Psychotherapist
Andreas Drakos IT
Irini Armouti
Olivia Marangou Legal Advisor
Corina Drousiotou Legal Advisor
Larry Fergeson Project coordinator
Anna-Maria Drousiotou Project coordinator for CyberEthics, the Cyprus Safer Internet Awareness Node.
Valerie Fonkem
Thomael Joannidis
Emily Efthivoulou
Vicky Germanakou Project coordinator of the Unit and joined URVT
Nicolina Markidou Coordinator of the EU-funded project Jumpstart
Manos Mathioudakis Social Advisor
Andria Neocleous Social advisor for the ERF-funded project entitled Unit for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture
Selen Mesutoglu
Georgina Siitta Achilleos Assistant Coordinator of the Safer Internet Awareness Node and as an Office Manager for the Organisation
Veronika Sudi Financial Officer
Tatjana Taraszow Coordinator for the bicommunal Civil Society Dialogue Project and a research team member of the Cypriot Safer Internet awareness node; CyberEthics, the EU Kids Online Project
Kerstin Wittig Heads the Unit for Development Education
Monica Pericleous
Akihiro Sando Intern
Henna Vaatanen Intern
Adira Zwelling Intern

External Associates